Friday, April 4, 2014

Thailand Trip 8

     Hello family and friends!! We have had a good week and have enjoyed the tropical temperatures! Been tracking the weather back home and glad to hear it is starting to warm up there too!
     We have been putting our hand to work here at the children's home. We have been able to learn a great deal regarding food and healing sources from the local plants & trees. One thing I admire about these people is their determination and hard work ethic. We have had the privilege to work side by side with these young men & women/ boys & girls to accomplish some improvements at the home and also regular upkeep as they are expecting to have 120 children here this next term. Never a dull moment and always something to do.
     The best part of our time here is the friendships we have made with the people! Each one of us has  grown close to the people here. It has been a tearful morning as we leave the home and head for the last leg of one journey here in Thailand. We are so very thankful for the kindness and the genuine love that has been shown to us! We are thankful for the missionary families that have been so welcoming. We have been able to view everyday life in a foreign land.
     At the present, we are on a train heading to Phitsanulok to be with another missionary and view the work that is going on there. We will then be leaving for the States on the 11th. Hope all is going well! Please pray for us as we travel back next week! Look forward to seeing you all & share with you about our adventures here! Love to all!!      ~Summer

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  1. Kinda chilly here today Bode is getting huge! !! Sounds like you are having quite an experience in Thailand! !! April's Bday is the 10th then Easter surely it will be a little warmer by then? ? How many days before you start home? Keep me posted love and miss you be safe hugs and kisses to you and the Gkids love Mom Grammy