Friday, April 11, 2014

Thailand Trip 10

As a final post on our time in Thailand, I would like to summarize the trip. We were privileged to visit five different missionaries and six churches. Bangkok was the southernmost and Chiang Rai the northernmost. Tak was as far west as we traveled, with an extended period in Phitsanulok in the central region and Chiang Mai/Lamphun area in the north. We checked out three language schools during our time in Thailand. Our family helped with physical work in two of the areas visited. I was able to give my testimony in a few of the churches and led devotions at the children's home in Lamphun. God has been so good to us! He provided in miraculous ways allowing us to go to the land of Thailand. All of us were very healthy during our trip, even with the wide array of foods and living conditions we encountered and the many times we traveled to different areas. So much could be said as to the friends made, as well as prayers answered, to witnessing to someone that you wanted to be able to personally talk to but couldn't, to seeing missionaries on their home turf, to not wanting to leave a land with such a great need; but to wrap it all up.... all praise be to a great, loving, prayer answering, living God!! Thank you to those of you that prayed.....Andrew, Summer, and family.

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