Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thailand Trip 9

     We arrived safely in Phitsanulok train time! That just means on their time schedule and not ours!! No biggie, we then met the missionary here and he transported us to their home where we were welcomed by his wife and children.  We enjoyed fellowship over a home cooked meal and continued to visit on into the night!
     During our time with this family we developed an amazing bond with them! Easy to do when your in the same boat!! We went to Sunday service with them and enjoyed one another's company as they showed us the local area and it's history! One thing I especially enjoyed was the opportunity to work side by side with the missionary's wife in the kitchen and learning the ins and outs of cooking on a foreign field. Even though you may be able to get "Western" style food here, due to lack of spices and ovens in most homes, it does change the way you cook!
     The kids have been doing GREAT!! We have had no illness from food or water and have enjoyed all kinds of dishes from an outdoor kitchen to a pizza place! The kids have made friends and learned to tolerate getting their picture taken by Thai people! Thais like our light skin tones and frequently stop to stare at us as we walk by or snap a photo!
     We are enroute to the airport as we begin our journey back to the States! I am very happy to be returning home to see family and friends, but would have to be honest and say that I look forward to coming back to Thailand someday! In poverty stricken areas to wealth beyond my imagination, these people are enslaved to fear. I would love the opportunity to share with them the freedom and joy that can be found through trusting in Jesus Christ!

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