Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thailandtrip 7

     Hello again! We returned from our trip to one of the hill tribe churches last night. Our experiences up there were amazing! All the sights and the experiences would take me an extremely long time to try and share, and I do not think I could give the experience justice. Andy had the opportunity to spend some time with the pastor and also  go visiting with some of the men! We were privileged to be able to work side by side with some of the children from the home and some of the people that lived in the hill area where we were working! We worked on a home for the pastor and his family, poured concrete that was mixed by hand, hauled bricks, laughed at each other's attempt to pronounce one another's language and had a blast!!!
     The journey home was an experience in itself! We stopped for lunch and had pizza! We loved the Canadian bacon, bacon & corn pizza! Later we stopped for a piece of ice cream cake! Funny thing, it was called San Fransisco Golden Gate ice cream cake!! You just never know what you will find & where!!This shop had an interesting way to feed fish-will have to let kids tell you about that one! Last stop before coming back to the children's home - the home of the Ballou family where Alisa made an incredible enchilada dish. Best I have ever had!
     Today has been a day of relaxing before we begin to gear up for the next leg of our trip. We caught up on laundry and spent time together as a family! So thankful for that!! So easy to get busy and forget to take time! Everyone has remained healthy and doing well-except we did get a little to much sun the other day! Had sunscreen with us, but forgot to put it on! No serious sunburns-just a little toasty! Better today!
     Hope all is going well back home! Thinking of you all! Today Chris & Asleen are having their baby boy - hope the delivery went well! Looking forward to seeing the little guy!!  and it is my brother's birthday! Happy Birthday Adam! Hope you have a GREAT day! Never thought you would get birthday wishes from Thailand, huh? Looking forward to sharing pics and stories when we get home! Love to all!!!  .....Summer


  1. We miss you !!! We are doing great!! Christian Nehemiah Eskridge arrived healthy and happy on Tues morning. Chris was in church yesterday. Love you all !!!

  2. Sounds like you are all having a great time. I love and miss you so much. Adam says thank you. Be safe hugs and kisses. Love Mom Grammy