Sunday, March 23, 2014

Thailand trip 6

         We are enjoying the northern part of Thailand and have been attending  services at Nongloam Baptist Church. We have been here for a few days, taking part in all that goes on at this busy place. What a blessing to sing God glorifying hymns with like minded Christians. It doesn't matter what language they are sung in, they are still wonderful. The people in Thailand are a beautiful people that are very kind and just generally nice to be around. I understand that some of this is their culture and such. The other night we had the opportunity to go to the market in town with the young people. I noticed that when I handed someone a tract, they kindly receved it and read it on the spot. We make sure there is an address on the tract so they can contact someone as we were not able to communicate with them. (And oh, how we desire to learn the language and be able to talk to them rather than just through an interpreter!) I know the tracts are just a seed planted as one missionary stated that usually there is an incredible amount of time involved in explaining the gospel before they understand and turn to Jesus Christ and trust Him as their savior. But it is worth it! We have been with three different missionaries now, and they have all been extremely helpful in multiple ways. Right now we are with the Ballou family and they have went way above and beyond what we expected! I have definatley come to appreciate missionaries much more. Today I was able to give my testimony and preach in the afternoon service. Tomorrow we will be heading out early to a hill tribe church if the weather holds; (we have been getting some rains and the roads on the mountains are not exactly solid when it rains!) Everyone is doing well and liking Thailand. We have been praying for you all and the work going on at home. Thank you for praying; please continue.

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