Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thailand Trip 5

     Hello family and friends!! We have experienced many things since leaving Bangkok, sometimes it is hard to remember what day of the week it is or time of day! Sorry if I don't post much, I have been waking around 4 and after a busy day-fall asleep waiting for my turn in the shower!!!  We have been enjoying visiting with  some missionaries that have been here working in different ministries while they are working through language school. Language school would be a must for anyone wanting to reach the Thai people. There are no common words and in order to talk to them in any capacity, you would have to learn their language. We have picked up a few words and enjoy trying to use them and in right context!
     Chiang Mai is very different than Bangkok. City yes  but not near as chaotic! We have seen some sights and enjoyed some amazing food! Thais like their food hot & I have tasted a few bites of some pretty warm stuff! Andy & Haley are loving the hot, Chase likes it somewhat warm and Wyatt & I are on the lower end of the heat thermometer!!
     We are now enjoying getting to see another work in the northern part of Thailand.  The boys played soccer with some of the boys here and had a great time! Even though they could not speak the same language, they were able to enjoy a common bond - sports!! Tonight we went to an indoor
night market and saw a huge variety of goods! The children here learn English and so Haley was chatting away with a few of the girls in the van! Had a nice thunderstorm! Good to see & feel rain(that was not freezing)!!!   Have to be honest and say, I love this weather!! Love to all!! ....... Summer

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